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[Accepted] Nick Rockfeller's Application

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[Accepted] Nick Rockfeller's Application

Post  Rockfeller on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:16 am

First Name - Nick Rockfeller
Middle Name - Mondelo
Last Name - Rockfeller
Date of birth - 19/6/1996
Gender - Male
Age - 26
Birth Place - Los santos
Years in the state - Five
Contact - 1174

/stats - N/A
Current employment - Los santos Police Deparment
Last Department your on - N/A Not yet
Reason for quitting your past department N/A
Reason of transfser - I am requesting a transfer from NOOSE
Strengths -My strengths are the following: I work well in a team, I know how to work in a pressured situation if in one , I can communicate in any shape
Weaknesses - My only weakness told to me is that I don't have a social life, I am always working, wether it be police work or home work.

Why do you Wish to Join Noose (100 Words) -I am writing this letter in regards to my employment Hello i'm Nick Rockfeller i'm Fifteen Years old i'm citizens by ridding it
of illegal narcotics and firearms atlest Well. I feel I should be reinstated because I still feel I am capable to work hard enough for NOOSE. I also feel that I am as strong as I was a few months ago when I was in NOOSE. I know what you are proably


Age - 15
Country - Philppines
Forum Name - Nick Rockfeller
Number of DM - Not yet sir do you think im DMer ?
Number of bans - Not yet too
(/stats - N/A


National Office Of Security Enforcement
"Our Intelligence, Coordination and Skill are what many considers"

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Post  Rothschild on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:32 am


"Our Intelligence, Coordination and Skills are what many considers"

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