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Application by : Fezu Nakayama

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Application by : Fezu Nakayama

Post  Fezu on Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:37 pm

San Andreas Police Department

Recruitment Offices - Application

Name: Fezu Nakayama
Age: 31
Current address: Los Santos
Phone Number: 5228
Amount of committed crimes(For reference only): None

Have you applied for the LSPD before?: Once
What skills/qualities can you bring to the LSPD, and what makes you better than other applicants?
Minimum 150 words, and try being original): I am a good driver and I can also shoot but I did not shoot a lot today. And part of the run very well. And if kolaroin so I do not care I will only say the police and put him to search for the alert. I'm not sensitive.Unless my car stolen in the field to become angry, because my car was once placed on the roof of the police station. And I told the police that you could take it off but no one helped, and he did not care.I jumped once from a big tower and jumped into a parachute. I took the parachute off of the foot was broken. It came a couple of police officers and one doctor. They asked, "What happened?" I replied, "I jumped from that big Tower parachute" when a doctor found feet "That he is a cross," They took me to a doctor and I survived without any injuries.

Why do you want to join the LSPD? Minimum 100 words, and try being original): I am a good shooter and I thought if I would be a good help. And I find a really good, but if someone is far away so I may dispose of looking for the person. And almost always I have found to help people and they have really helped.And I've ever wanted to before the policeman, but had no luck. But maybe now i happen to luck. If I can not get .. so I may not be playing anymore express Gaming. I hope to be successful.

((OOC Section))

Name: Panu
Origin: Helsinki
Timezone: GMT + 2

Playtime, in hours: 12 - 13
Link any previous LSPD applications (If applicable): Not possible

List the amount of warns you have (You'll be asked to show a screenshot confidentially to a T&R officer if accepted): I do not know how to take a picture but I am really reliable

List any previous factions/groups you have been in, and at what rank: I have been sometimes, but I do not remember ...

List any alternate accounts, and state wether they are active or not: i don't know

Provide an example of your roleplay, by showing you you'd respond to the following context (Show commands you would use):for example /me and /do.
"A civillian has walked up to you, reporting a serious crime.

Can you speak English fluently?: I do not really properly but I can to some extent.


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Re: Application by : Fezu Nakayama

Post  Sanzil_Rizal on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:19 pm

Dear Mr.Nakayama

I am pleased to say that we have reviewed your application and came in the decision that to take you in our department will be our Plesure.So that
we have
ACCEPTED your application meet me in-game for further action.

-Sanzil Rizal

LSPD Chief


Signed: Sanzil Rizal
(( LSPD Chief ))

-"Push-ups? I Push The World While I Do Push-Ups." -Chuck Norris

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