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Brad Roberts Application

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Brad Roberts Application

Post  Tobster on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:13 am

San Andreas Police Department

Recruitment Offices - Application

Name:Brad Roberts
Age: 22
Current address:
Phone Number: 5247
Amount of committed crimes(For reference only): None

Have you applied for the LSPD before?: Yes

What skills/qualities can you bring to the LSPD, and what makes you better than other applicants? (Minimum 150 words, and try being original): The first thing that comes to my mind is "Professionalism". I am always professional weather in or out of uniform. I was former LVMPD so I know all about Professionalism. Being friendly with both civies and coworkers. I will bring joy to my fellow peers and I will bring trust. Things that some people lack. The main and most important thing is bringing professionalism to this force. I want to show and set an example for the other people out there that want to become a cop

Why do you want to join the LSPD?(Minimum 100 words, and try being original): The thing about gang control sparks my attention and I aim to stop as much gang violence as I can as one man and together as a unit. I have a heart set into becoming the best officer this state has ever seen. I enjoy policing and everything about it. It has its ups and it's downs and it's not all peaches all the time. This I know and it's that change, that knowing that not everyday will be the same, everyday brings something new to the table. That's what makes me different. I strive for excellence and I wont stop until I reach it, then I will continue to go further than that.

((OOC Section))

Name: Tobi

Origin: USA
Timezone: EST Time [North America]

Playtime, in hours: 2hours

Link any previous LSPD applications (If applicable): http://expressroleplay.tk/
List the amount of warns you have (You'll be asked to show a screenshot confidentially to a T&R officer if accepted): None

List any previous factions/groups you have been in, and at what rank: None

List any alternate accounts, and state wether they are active or not: None

Provide an example of your roleplay, by showing you you'd respond to the following context (Show commands you would use):
"A civillian has walked up to you, reporting a serious crime."
Ask them where the crime is and try to get there as quick as possible.

Can you speak English fluently? Yes


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