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Server update V2.7

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Server update V2.7

Post  Marshall Brown on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:54 am

Hi everyone! Once again, the summer are here, and that means a EX:RP Summer Update, which is now on the servers.

* We now have a radio station In-Game, Which you can listen even when your not in a car. Command is /setstation.

* The administrators /reports is now /reportsold. The server will not restart anymore with commands like /ar or /tr or /nao.

* The id's bug is now fixed.

* Our new admin Shawn, Is the official scripter and Admin Dex is now Multimedia Chief.

* We added an Auto Refund where player gets free Gold vip, 30mil in total and some crack and pot.

* We added a new city hall map and a new Bank map. The City Hall is mapped by Dex and Bank by Mr.X

* Please use /changes in game to check the new updates we do every day.

=> We will be updating every 3 days. Keep roleplaying! Donate and help the server running..

Marshall Brown
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Executive Admin

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