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i prefer no teamspeak.

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i prefer no teamspeak. Empty i prefer no teamspeak.

Post  Rothschild on Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:23 am

this is a suggestion with me and my friends who are in EGRP.
we don't like the teamspeak to be implemented. mainly because we don't like it.
for some of us that has issues in our house and can't really talk using teamspeak we are forced to be civilians.
we can't join LEO factions because they require teamspeak. teamspeak is the main reason i left N*RP.
and without teamspeak i think we would attract more players.
this would really help with

- attracting players who left other servers because of teamspeak
- without teamspeak players would be more comfortable in their Factions
- communication in leo factions are already very nice. we don't any IRL verbal communications to be addded.
- we just think its silly to talk to each other

i hope your agreeing to this suggestion like iam. because many players don't really want teamspeak.

i prefer no teamspeak. 8QzQ2

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i prefer no teamspeak. SrjPD

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i prefer no teamspeak. Empty Re: i prefer no teamspeak.

Post  Guest on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:20 pm

We did not think about teamspeak yet and yes, I hate TS too. So, This will not be implemented.

i prefer no teamspeak. Topiclocked


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