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Sticky: Recruitment Status: Open!!

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Sticky: Recruitment Status: Open!!

Post  Rothschild on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:53 pm

The National Office Of Security Enforcement, often abbreviated as N.O.O.S.E. is a Law Enforcement Agency dedicated to assisting all Law Enforcement Agencies in San Andreas. NOOSE primarily responds to all urgent backups including hostage situations, bomb threats, terrorist activity and riot control. During the rare occasions NOOSE is not handling any of the above situations, we assist in apprehending wanted individuals who are on the run as well as finding individuals who have been summoned to appear in court and delivering them to the court room.

For a short time, NOOSE recruitment will remain open until we have reached a sufficient quantity in member capacities.
If you are interested in joining NOOSE, and believe that you are worthy enough in order to join, we ask you to apply.
You need to be of the highest standards in order to join NOOSE, starting from your application, finishing up with your testing process.


"Our Intelligence, Coordination and Skills are what many considers"

Chief Advisor
N.O.O.S.E Supreme Commander


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