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Los Santos Police Department Application Format

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Los Santos Police Department Application Format

Post  DavidGengsta on Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:17 am

Good luck all of you ...

Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements before applying:
Must have at least 10 playing hours
Must know all server rules - you will be tested on these
Must not have more than one active account
Must speak fluent English
Must have a good knowledge of Los Santos and surrounding areas
Must use Teamspeak and have a working microphone



[size=12][color=blue]San Andreas Police Department[/color][/size]
Recruitment Offices - Application[/color][/size][/center]

[color=blue]Current address:[/color]
[color=blue]Phone Number:[/color]
[color=blue]Amount of committed crimes[/color][color=red](For reference only):[/color]

[color=blue]Have you applied for the LSPD before?:[/color]

[color=blue]What skills/qualities can you bring to the LSPD, and what makes you better than other applicants? [color=red](Minimum 150 words, and try being original):[/color]

[color=blue]Why do you want to join the LSPD?[/color][color=red](Minimum 100 words, and try being original):[/color]

[color=green]((OOC Section))[/color]



[color=orange]Playtime, in hours:[/color]

[color=orange]Link any previous LSPD applications (If applicable):[/color]
[color=orange]List the amount of warns you have (You'll be asked to show a screenshot confidentially to a T&R officer if accepted):[/color]

[color=orange]List any previous factions/groups you have been in, and at what rank:[/color]

[color=orange]List any alternate accounts, and state wether they are active or not:[/color]

[color=orange]Provide an example of your roleplay, by showing you you'd respond to the following context (Show commands you would use):[/color]
"A civillian has walked up to you, reporting a serious crime."[/color]

[color=orange]Can you speak English fluently?[/color]

Please Read the LSPD Handbook clearly to Perform your duty well And Remember never to Abuse your powers


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