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[Accepted] Andrew Boegs's application for N.O.O.S.E

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[Accepted] Andrew Boegs's application for N.O.O.S.E

Post  Boegs on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:49 pm

First name - Andrew

Last name - Boegs

Date of birth - 20/02/1986

Gender - Male

Age - 26

Birth place - Liberty City

Years in San Andreas - Eight

Contact number - -5230

Background check ((/stats)) - (post a picture)

Current Employment - Mechanic: N/A, I don't have any kind of jobs at the current moment.

Last Department your on - Umm, this is my first one. So nothing over here.

Reason for quitting your past department - N/A

Reason of transfser - N/A

Strengths - Well as I stated before I am a highly trained soldier under General Jim and Flint, I was trained to fear nothing , Besides I listen to orders and when I do my job, I do it correctly , I never mess around , I really like the job of a LEO, I've been LEO for almost all my life now, been serving people, helping them , busting criminals behind bars, So I am sure that I'll be very helpful man.

Weaknesses - I am sure that I have no weakness as I was trained to work under extremely hard conditions and I am not even afraid of death to save other's life.

Reason of tranfser - N/A

Why do you wish to join NOOSE, and why should we consider hiring you? (minimum of 100 words) - Hello, I'm Andrew Boegs I'm Twenty Six years old I'm Georgian and I'm also professional, understandable, and easy to get along with.. At-least I think.. Anyways, I grew up in Vice City. I come from a very wealthy Georgian family. I never saw much of my father as he was always out and about running so called "errands"... I had a fairly good life other than that, lots of friends and not many foes.. I lived in a wealthy family. By the time I hit the age of 19 I graduated from Vice City High getting my High School Diploma. I was unsure what to do for a living and to support myself and possibly a future family after doing this so I moved to Liberty City taking a year or two off as a break before I headed out to college to earn my college degree, more specifically. A masters or bachelors degree. . I got an okay paying job for the time being since I was not able to get a good paying job at the time. So I got an okay paying job, at least enough to support my-self in a very comfortable and well kept medium sized apartment. Then about a year or two after moving to Liberty City I was offered a scholarship at South San Fierro University. I then said goodbye to my friends and family located in Liberty City. Packed my bags, bought a ticket on the first flight to San Fierro and I was out of there! I then graduated from South San Fierro University 4 years years later earning my bachelors and masters degree. I studied law enforcement and many other interesting and exiting, fun subjects while I was in college. Thus allowing me to have a wide variety of jobs too choose from. Some paid good, some paid bad. I tried a few jobs. Some of them just were not my sort of thing. So I up and left. I applied for a job at the San Fierro Police Department and my application got accepted. And I had an enjoyable time there. But after awhile it just got kinda' old. So I said my goodbye's to all my friends I met within the department. Turned in my gear and uniform. And then left. A few months after that, I got a job with the Government. It was more calm. And paperwork based. And also paid pretty good. But not exiting enough. You basically sat in an office all day doing paperwork, signing stuff, etc, etc.

If invited to noose what division do you want to join ? - First rank and I'll make my way up like everyone else.

( Rangrovers - Scouts - Elite tactical squad (E.T.S) Long Range Sharpshooters ) E.T.S. would be nice to me.

( Information about Divisions can be read here )

Age - 15
Country - Finland
Forum Name - Boegs
Number of DM warnings- Zero.
Number of bans- Zero.
Picture of your /stats

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Post  Rothschild on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:53 pm


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