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[Must Be Used] Ban Appel format.

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[Must Be Used] Ban Appel format.

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:35 am

[size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Name of banned account:[/color][/size]

  [size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Banned from:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*

 [size=12][color=RoyalBlue]IP address:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*

  [size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Date of ban:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*

  [size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Reason for ban:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*

  [size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Why should you be unbanned:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*
[size=12][color=RoyalBlue]Who banned you:[/color][/size] *Answer Here*


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