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about the /mask

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about the /mask

Post  Rothschild on Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:28 am

about the /mask program -
here's some suggestions.

- CIA R3 and above are the only ones who are allowed to use /mask
- Hitmans R2
- Sector 9 All Ranks
- level 30 Ok
- and Chief Advisor Ok
- you must only use /mask if your on /duty and you have R5 - R6 permission to use it ( except hitman )
- you can't use /mask for more than 20 minutes. ( or mask will automatically be removed if used for 20 minutes and have 10 minute cooldown )
- and i also think that NOOSE must be allowed to use this function. NOOSE sometimes go on undercover but i think this should only be use in R5 above in NOOSE because i don't let my R4's go undercover.

this would improve

- Players availability to abuse it
- Newbies Deathmatching and using /mask to avoid being reported
- Confusion on the server with everyone with their names hidden


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Re: about the /mask

Post  Guest on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:14 pm

CIA Only R3+ in CID divisions.
Hitman all ranks they are secretive.
Sector 9 ranks above 2.
Normal players? NO.
Chief advisor is not secretive so, No.
/mask can be used all of the time ONLY if you are hitman.
About NOOSE using this fuction I will disscus that with Varun and Mr.X.This is how it's going to be.

This is Mr.X = NOOSE, Rank 5 and 6 can only be used and i editted the above.


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